The return of the attack of the B movie weekend!
Sometimes the best movies are those that offer cheap thrills. For some of us, a B grade genre film can indeed be more satisfying and entertaining than the latest moody arthouse offering. This week, we feature 3 films that are all strictly B movies.
The Expendables is this century’s long-awaited reunion of action heroes of B grade action flicks from the 1980s, in a plot that could have come from that decade too. Meet Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Willis and the Governator as they head a team of new action heroes in an attempt to liberate a tiny Caribbean banana state from its dictator!
Step Up 3D marks the return of the dance film franchise. Like its cousin the Fast and the Furious trilogy, the Step Up films are all about updating B movie standards for a new generation. Sadly, Channing Tatum is not returning for the sequel but the small consolation is you get to watch this dance-off movie in 3D.
City Under Siege claims to be Hong Kong’s first mutant movie, although watching this, you might be reminded of the cheesy sci-fi action flicks and unlicensed film adaptations of arcade franchise it made in the 80s. Adding a bit of local flavour, Aaron Kwok and his buddies from the circus turn into superpowered mutants after discovering General Yamashita’s gold stash!

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