Letter from HELL

He doesn’t like to read, but while in school there were always lots of projects to complete, so he didn’t have much choice.

Once, he was doing a project on Chinese mythology and picked up a book about Hell. It was a swell book and had lots of vivid descriptions of the various punishments and torture technique used in the eighteen different levels of Hell. While he was flipping through the pages, a slip of yellow jotter-book paper dropped out. He opened it.

It was a letter in Chinese. It was written in a strange manner and there were many words that didn’t understand. But on the whole, the letter talked about reclaiming the life of a person called Tan Y- P-, living in the Selayang Area.

He though it was some kind of sick joke until the next morning he saw the obituary of the very same person the letter had mentioned. He went back to the library and found the book. But the letter was gone.

Where did it go?

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