@McDonald's Petronas TPM with Samurai Be

Don’t No start from When? McDonald’s is coming apart for mine live.”I’m Loving It”

McDonald's Petronas TPM DT
Petronas Service Station
Technology Park Malaysia
Seremban KL-Highway
Tel : 03 - 9057 3793
Fax : 03 - 9056 5045



The design of the Ceiling and the Olympic glass still have to selling for this branches.


We also can see the floor have many square square design!


Have many different Type of menu allow consumer choose!


Why this Time we are coming to having lunch? It is because so this…

“Ding Dong!”,”Ding Dong”!



We can view from the brochure which is on: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152125965470023&set=a.354401130022.351428.142518590022&type=1&theater

And this is because the brochure look so delicious but don’t no the take and we coming here and have a eat.

Samurai Burger have 2 type choose:

1. Standard Samurai Beef Burger

2. Double Samurai Beef Burger



The Lunch with large fried and large coke..!


After 12pm-3pm, have a super promotion and make all the consumer to coming here enjoy their lunch.


This is the samurai beef meat… When you tasted, you can feel the black paper taste with the grilled meat. Say true, not any special.


Sprite + Ribena is the first drinks by their company~

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