Do you remeber the night you told me you loved me ?, i do, i remember like it was just yesterday. We were under the bus shelter in the pouring rain, huddled close, catching every scent that i smelt against your chest. My mind racing about the love we shared, a special bond, that i could only dream of. The rain that harshly trickled down my neck, shivering from surprise, and you lent me your jacket. I close my eyes and wish this would never end and awake in my cruel harsh reality that i know is my own. Romeo and Juliet, star crossed lovers a love that could not be broken by the actions of the lover. You caress my hair, whisper deeply into my ear tell my why you love me so, how my blond hair whips through the wind on a dreary day, how my beautiful blue eyes capture the world i see, how my smile would light up the darkest of rooms.
Every word i locked into my heart waiting for thew moment you unlock it, with your key to my heart of hearts. Everything a perfect fairytale up until the moment you stepped back. Leaving me, abandoned, left alone. All i can see is bright lights and you smile at me filling me with love that has long gone.Blood drips from the tips of your finger, crimson red, the color of love. And there is you lying on the road left for dead, I run over to you calling your name, and in vain i do call. Your eyes close like the wings of a dead butterfly and i realize that you are no more. The color in YOUR eyes have drained away leaving me staring into the Grey darkness that was once filled by you.Something pulls me back light envelops us both and i am awake. In the same bus stop. Do you remember the night you told me you loved me. I do i remember like it was just yesterday. Your ghost, i see lying in the road. And i remember that i love you

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