A SADness Story

(Perak ‧ Anshun 9 AP) in the fishing and ship collision in Hong Kong fishermen who lost their lives in the semi-Jizhong Chun, his family in the eyes of 100 points is a good father and good husband.
At 9:00, when the fishermen received notice that Jizhong Chun and the other two missing fishermen Di Ji Lin Liangzhong hair and the remains found along the waters after the incident, his wife and children crying girl sad, they really could not bear the most beloved people.
Jizhong Chun Pei Yun said the little daughter, he is a good father of 100 points, 100 points is a good husband.
"Dad has always been very frugal mother to the hospital in poor health treatment, has always been in his company. Mother lying in a hospital bed sick when the pain is my father holding my mother continue to comfort and accompany my mother to survive the pain."
Thrifty man porridge Peiganwangyu couples
She said that Dad normally rare to eat a good meal outside, he and his mother Lee Soo usually willing to look the fish with porridge. Last Sunday, she returned home from Kuala Lumpur to go along with his mother and Bak Kut The, but on weekdays he always said, "Bak Kut The very costly."
"After the Father's Day, I heard my father's cell phone is broken, so bought a camera phone can give him."
Daughters cell phone camera photo of couples
"My father has always complained that his mouth was too expensive to buy mobile phones, but he took his daughter to send a Father's Day and birthday gifts, and felt very happy, but also for his mother and I take pictures. The pictures are now only a remembrance of our ... ... "
Jizhong Chun's wife Lee Sau did not sleep the past few days, she has been with the side look forward to seeing his wife one; in the know to find the remains of his wife, the lift is easy to cry.
Pei Yun said the father by her mother, both of whom used to joke that if they later died, to be buried together, so the family to arrange for burial father, I believe in tomorrow (10) funeral.
Jizhong Chun did not travel abroadKuantan last year, Ji Di Facheng fishing friends know
Jizhong Chun Ji Peifen eldest daughter said, Dad had not his life to travel, just to Kuantan last year, fishing, and another died in the accident in the first fishing village in Selangor water fishermen Liu Ji Di-fat together, the two become good friends often drink tea together.
"My father, after six months of fishing in Kuantan, and sent us back a half century di Hong Kong, the beginning of the son, also my husband, Ji Zhiwei fishing line fishing, and after that he made because of Ji Di there is not enough manpower, so only in the past Wang Gan accident fishing vessels, but less than two weeks. "
"Daddy Di hair and discipline are a super good friends, they also were found with the victims, the fate of people get, people sigh ... ..."
Pui said they stopped working children to Jizhong Chun, month to some of the costs by the children, but also work Jizhong Chun said he did not want to retire and did not expect it died.
"We are prepared for him earlier in the lunar calendar to celebrate the first birthday Oct. 13, he was very happy and looking forward to all the children have returned to share; and behold, just one month short of the birthday party, and now can not be implemented. "
Sad Pui said that, while her husband is the owner of fishing, but due to my father's incident, that she was afraid of the fishing industry, so she asked her husband in the future would not fishing.Sin Chew Daily ‧ 2010.10.09

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