What is the most important Kangaroo?
It is most important is the bag of small kangaroos.
Each parent will also cherish their own children,
We are born children. Also have to honor them grow up,
From that point? That thing? Or from where?
Many people think that filial piety, but with money, travel, buy goods on
The request is our honor the elderly.
But now they have changed,
It too has become "hard temper."
Some nagging little things will curse the day.
In fact, kids all know how much they care for them,
But now the children can not be too nagging
Children have to do? They will be considered filial piety?
Expensive things, they just say: Do not waste money.
Anything will do anything to ignore temper.
They will help children think, but the words look.
If they guess the child's heart,

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