Children Today

Children's increasing happiness,
Parents put the world will be a cry
The only
Moon to them.
I do not know to the world progress, or
Killing them born so good?
Today, I want to be a parent or someone else is now
Your parents.
If one day become what your son.
"One day all you can not blame others he spoiled."
Many people think that a son is very simple
That is indeed higher than bring him grow up is very simple.
Support him and give him the best.
This one is very simple, but kids do not know.
Today's children to the wind and the rain, to rain was the wind.
No time to think of the innocent child so lovely,
In all the hard work and how to pay

The children are now happy, is not so cute once.

I believe that if my predecessors, or my peers are all aware,
Brothers and sisters at home are more than twice their own happiness, to remark, is not being compared to them we do not
Not so happy.
Four-year-old pupils are used well, and because their parents do not want the same as before. What parents want to
Not give. But will it spoil the child, in addition. Their rebellion early on will, I see now the mother of

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